PAUL        CAMILLERI |        NEW              CD "CAMILLERI 4" OUT            NOW!  

Paul & his band just came back from three successful concerts in Hungary.
They will head off back there in August to play one of the biggest festivals in Europe, the Sziget Festival and other festivals around the country.

Here's some positive feedback from Gizelle of

Paul Camilleri and his band belong to my Top 3 most favorite performers of all time. Their energy, music, and stage presence are awesome! I didn't mind standing and dancing for hours, of course, thanks to my shoes that were oh so comfy, courtesy of Best Walking Feet. The site even has recommendations for nurses and other medical staff. Want to know more? Read this page: or visit their homepage.

NEW CD RECORDED IN LONDON [18. Feb. 2007 - 23:59]
Paul Camilleri has just recorded his new CD in London. It was produced by no less than Status Quo front man, Francis Rossi, who also contributed two songs. Earthy ROCK’N’BLUES with British influences, authentic, rousing, piercing and catchy songs, backed by Camilleri’s passionate guitar playing, will stir the souls of all rock ’n’ blues fans.

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